staff staff

In addition to its faculty, U-SoA maintains a staff of 20 professionals whose singular goal is to support the faculty and students in all of their academic efforts.

These individuals include those in the Office of Academic Services, who oversee recruitment, admissions, advising, scheduling, registration and facilities; the assistant to the Dean; the assistant to the Faculty; the finance and assistant finance officers of the Budget office; the staff of Information Technology (who manage and maintain the Computer Lab and all of U-SoA’s computers and printers); the librarians of the Paul Buisson Architecture Library and Archive of the New Urbanism; administrative assistants and associates; the director of the U-SoA Model Shop; the webmaster and manager of publication and graphics design; the director of development; and the director of communications.

All of these professionals form a cohesive group and work tirelessly, to ensure that the academic process runs smoothly.