Center for Urban and Community Design


The Center for Urban and Community Design fosters a collaborative interdisciplinary approach that supports the people, places and processes essential for creating and sustaining family oriented and environmentally responsible communities. 

The CUCD has from its inception, at the heels of Hurricane Andrew, sought to serve as a facilitator, bringing to bear the extensive variety of individual knowledge and understanding required to address the multifaceted and wide-ranging physical limitations and opportunities of South Florida. The main conduit of the CUCDís civic engagement is academically based community service.  The goal is to continue to support our local community, at large, so the quality of life in Miami Dade Countyís towns, cities and unincorporated areas may further improve and consequently, all reap the benefits. 

The CUCD also recognizes Miamiís cultural diversity and that our faculty and students are a reflection of this melting pot reality. Miamiís strategic geographic location has placed it as an educational, political and business center, thus becoming the gateway for the Caribbean and Latin America. The CUCDís goal is to extend its ties to these surrounding regions and assist faculty and students in their research and collaborations with our neighbors.  

The CUCD is committed to environmental sustainability and seeks to offer undergraduate and graduate students a full range of experiences with opportunities to participate directly with communities in design-build or green architecture projects that are supportive of the New Urbanism principles. An integrated design studio affords students the opportunity to learn first hand of the complete building process and, cutting across a range of social, environmental and physical issues. The goal of the Center is to develop international exchange programs, forge partnerships with local professional institutions and to offer lectures that in concert would support the Schoolís priorities by developing forums that more closely examine and discuss the social and physical challenges of sustainable design in the tropics.

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