U-SoA is known for its commitment to community and focus on the city. The School provides students with the skills to design environmentally-responsible buildings to promote social integration and economic sustainability and support life comfortably with attention to ecosystems and resources. U-SoA students develop professional leadership skills to engage in life-long learning in architecture, urbanism and related fields. 


We are very proud of our School and the community in which we live, learn and thrive.


The Undergraduate program at U-SoA is carefully designed by renown educators, industry professionals and faculty.
U-SoA’s graduate programs are robust and include both a professional and a post-professional Master of Architecture degree.

Research is central to U-SoA's mission to advance knowledge, providing the framework for the school's multi-disciplinary efforts.

Founded in 1991, the program provides students with an intensive experience in design, theory, and history of architecture with U-SoA faculty.

U-SoA provides a wide range of labs for students and faculty to utilize.
Students in Design Build have "hands-on" learning, and are able to see their projects from inception, through to completion. 

Community outreach is a cornerstone of U-SoA's curriculum.
Professional Opportunities, U-SoA students obtain the tools required for a comprehensive approach to career development, internship and job placement.





Student Highlight

Shruti Khandelwal, Master of Science student at University of Miami School of Architecture, shares her experience.

Alumni Highlight

Nika Miraffie - Master of Architecture, Spring 2017
U-SoA’s Global connections and the Comprehensive Studio


Faculty Highlight

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the work of the MRED+U Program’s Founding Director, Dr. Charles Bohl, who served as Chair of the ULI Southeast Florida / Caribbean District Council (DC) for the past two years. Read more