Undergraduate Requirements

requirements requirements

Applications for incoming freshmen are processed and reviewed by the University of Miami Office of Undergraduate Admissions. All application materials (application, transcripts, portfolio and letters of recommendation) must be postmarked or received no later than November 1 (Early Action/Decision I), December 1 (Decision II) or January 1 (Regular Decision). No applications or application materials will be accepted after this time. For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the U-SoA Academic Services Office at 305-284-3731. Enrollment in the School of Architecture is selective and limited by space and other resources; early application is encouraged.

Freshmen Admission:

Admission to the University of Miami is very competitive. Freshmen applicants are considered based on the strength of their high school curriculum and grades earned, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, essay, extracurricular activities, and awards/achievements. For a full list of Freshmen Admission Requirements, you may visit the University of Miami Undergraduate Admissions website.

Portfolios are not required for entering freshmen, but are HIGHLY encouraged. See below for instructions on submitting your Architecture Portfolio.

Undergraduate Transfer Admission

Undergraduate transfer applications are processed by the University of Miami Office of Undergraduate Admissions and are reviewed by the U-SoA Undergraduate Faculty Admissions Committee. Transfer students applying to the B.Arch. program must submit their transcripts, letters of recommendations, college report and test scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students requesting advanced standing in the design sequence must submit a portfolio. See below for instructions on submitting your Architecture Portfolio. For a full list of Undergraduate Transfer Admission Requirements, you may visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.  

Summer Studio: Undergraduate transfer students accepted into the third year design sequence are required to attend a Summer/Fall integration design module.

University of Miami Students: Students currently enrolled at the University of Miami in another major who are requesting transfer into the School of Architecture must fill out an “Academic Change Form” and send it to the School of Architecture to academicservices@miami.edu.

Instructions for submitting your Architecture Portfolio:

Portfolios will ONLY be accepted in digital, PDF format or web link.

Digital PDF shall be named as follows and be no larger than 8MB:


Follow the link below to upload your Spring 2018 or Fall 2018 Portfolio.

UPLOAD YOUR Spring 2018/Fall 2018 PORTFOLIO


  • Note the following on the first or second page of the portfolio:
    • Contact Information
    • Type of application: Freshmen or Transfer


  • Video by BArch Director with suggestions for composing portfolio

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