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U-Serve was born in 2015, in an effort for U-SoA to give back to the community. U-Serve's first endeavor involved a smartphone-driven architectural inventory of East Little Havana; after 800 labor hours, 400+ properties were inventoried. All design studio classes are suspended on U-Serve day, allowing faculty, students and staff to participate in this rewarding day of service.

U-Serve 2015 
University Metrorail Station: Outdoor-Living Installation
Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables
Students and faculty built and installed temporary outdoor seating and exercise equipment, while surveying transit users.
  • Life’s a (Transitory) Beach: Staged as a pop-up beach at the University Metrorail station, a temporary urban space using umbrellas / potted plants was installed. Adirondack chairs built by U-SoA students enhanced the space. 
  • Flash Mob: Performance art and unique student-elaborated signs @ University Station raised awareness for the underline project.
Coconut Grove Metrorail Station: Slow Ride
2780 SW 27th Ct, Miami, FL 
U-SoA Professor Carie Penabad and Adib Cure, collaborated with UM College of Engineering, leading students to create an installation using fish netting, suspended between palm trees, creating “Slow Ride” in the plaza.
  • The underside of the Coconut Grove Metrorail station was temporarily transformed by means of a multi-sensory installation.  A field of one thousand, orange, coconut-scented, car, air-fresheners were placed on thin posts to create a micro-scaled artificial landscape.  This public act de-contextualizes an ordinary everyday object associated with car culture and transforms it into an extraordinary urban experience, encouraging the passerby to consider the Slow-Ride associated with walking or biking through the city.  The project was installed on March 30, 2016 as part of the University of Miami School of Architecture USERVE day to bring awareness to the Underline project, a new linear park and bike trail for the City of Miami.
Brickell Metrorail Station: Performance Art
1001 SW First Ave. Downtown Miami, FL
U-SoA faculty members, Christina Canton and Jorge Trelles, guided students to create a blow-up rendering of The Underline, and brought temporary dance and music demonstrations to the space. 
  • Underlying Scenes: @ Brickell Station. Large-scale illustrations, coupled with artistic performances near the temporary installation, drove awareness to the underline project.