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The University of Miami School of Architecture is recognized for educating students for success in a range of professional opportunities.
Initiated in 1989, the current Graduate Programs at the University of Miami - School of Architecture  have expanded to five areas.

Research is central to the U-SoA mission to advance knowledge in the discipline. Several “areas of research” provide a framework for a multi-disciplinary efforts.


U-SoA in Rome

U-SoA sponsors Fall and Spring semester programs in Rome, Italy. Founded in 1991, the program unites a select group of upper level students and faculty for an intensive experience.

U-SoA’s modeling and fabrication facilities provide students the opportunity to turn their design projects into 3D models, allowing them to elaborate on the techniques learned.
The core mission of Design/Build is to give students hands-on experience of architecture, engaging them with the underserved or not-for-profit community with prototypical solutions.

Community outreach is a cornerstone of U-SoA's curriculum. In 2015, Dean el-Khoury initiated U-Serve, a day of service, dedicated to the community.
The Placement Division of the Academic Services Office serves as a link between students and employers. It provides students with the tools required for a comprehensive approach.

The Center for Urban and Community Design coordinates the School’s outreach interfacing community and project needs, with the core educational philosophy by integrating research, teaching, and service.

The Master of Construction Management program is fast-forwarding into the next era of design, integrating modern-day architecture with the digital world.

The Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism is an interdisciplinary one-year graduate program that combines the fundamentals of real estate development with livable community planning and design.
The Master of Architecture is an accredited, professional degree program promoting a creative, open and supportive environment, with advanced and personalized instruction through small class and studio courses.

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