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Initiated in 1989 through the renowned Suburb and Town Design Program, the current Graduate Programs at the University of Miami School of Architecture have expanded to five areas that leverage its strengths in professional development and multi-disciplinary research and design.

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Master of Architecture (I and I AP)
The NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture degree enables eligibility for professional registration following NCARB's mandatory Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and Architecture Registration Exam (ARE).

The Master of Architecture I is available to students whose first degree is not in architecture or those with a pre-professional degree in architecture.

The Master of Architecture I AP is for students holding a pre-professional degree in architecture or a closely related field.

Master of Construction Management / Executive Master of Construction Management (M.C.M./E.M.C.M)
Gain the technical knowledge and managerial skills you need to set yourself apart in the construction industry. The Master of Construction Management is designed to broaden your educational and career options to solve challenges in the industry and become future leaders of design and construction-related organizations worldwide. The Executive Master of Construction Management is designed for accomplished professionals in the design and construction industry who are ready to take their career to the next level.

Master of Science in Architecture (M.Sc.Arch.)
The Master of Science in Architecture is a post-professional degree that allows enrollment in six different tracks (with a minimum curricular requirement of 30-36 credits) in Digital Fabrication & Technology, Hospitality Design, Healthcare Design, Classical & Traditional Design, Historic Preservation & Adaptive Reuse and Contemporary Theory of the Built Environment. It is available to students with a professional undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture or a related field.

Master of Urban Design (MUD)
The Master of Urban Design brings together students and faculty in the exploration and definition of guiding principles of urban design for building better regions, cities and communities. Students investigate the range of contemporary urban theory and its relation to local contexts and populations globally. The post-professional MUD program is available to students with a professional undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture, although students with degrees in areas other than architecture may be accepted with the approval of the program director.

Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism (MRED+U)
The Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism is an interdisciplinary one-year graduate program that combines the fundamentals of real estate development with livable community planning and design. The post-professional MRED+U program recruits students from a variety of disciplines including architecture, planning / design fields, business, law and other academic and professional backgrounds.

Master of Professional Science in Urban Sustainability and Resilience (MPS)
The Master of Professional Science degree (MPS) in Urban Sustainability and Resilience is a cross-disciplinary, 36-credit program offered jointly between the College of Arts & Sciences' Department of Geography and Regional Studies and the School of Architecture. The curriculum leverages the knowledge, skills, and hands-on practical engagement necessary for students working toward contributing to the urban challenges confronting cities on the front lines of climate change. Miami is the ideal living laboratory, an urban landscape to explore, analyze, and propose solutions to the complex interrelationships among globalization, urban resilience, sustainability, and planning, such as health, housing, crime, the environment, disaster mitigation, and sea-level rise.

Master of Science in Data Science
The Master of Science in Data Science is a thirty (30) credit interdisciplinary graduate program that combines the teaching of domain-specific and technical skills for analyzing large data sets.  Students interested in data science tools will be able to focus on tool principles and tool development, and students interested in data science application domains will be able to focus on the application of data science tools with a selection of courses that develop skills in one of three application areas.  The program also provides its students the option of doing an industrial internship, to acquire professional experience.  The program is both academic and professional in nature, providing course that are true to a Master's level degree and courses that reflect the needs of the profession. The following tracks are available for M.S. students. 

  • Technical Data Science (College of Arts & Sciences and College of Engineering)
  • Smart Cities (School of Architecture)
  • Data Visualization (School of Communication)
  • Marine & Atmospheric Science (Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Educational Measurement & Statistics (School of Education & Human Development)
  • Marketing (Miami Herbert Business School)

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering / Master of Architecture Dual Degree (B.S.A.E/M.Arch)
The six-year dual-degree program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and a Master of Architecture. The program is open to exceptional students who are admitted to the graduate program at the end of their junior year. Upon completion of this program, graduates are eligible for professional registration as both an engineer and an architect.

Other academic opportunities for graduate architecture students include dual degrees, second Master's degrees, and certificates such as:
  • Dual Degrees
    • Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (B.S.A.E)/Master of Architecture (M.ARCH)
    • Bachelor of Architecture (B.ARCH)/Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)
  • Second Master's degrees
    • Master of Architecture (M.ARCH) - 3 year and 2 year advanced or Master of Science in Architecture (M.Sc.Arch)/Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism or Master of Urban Design
    • Master of Urban Design (M.U.D)/Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism (MRED+U)
  • Certificates
    • Historic Preservation Certificate
    • Classical Architecture Certificate
    • Sustainable and Resilient Design Certificate
    • Construction Management Certificate
    • Urban Design Certificate
    • Real Estate Development and Urbanism Certificate
    • Hospitality Design Certificate
    • Design for Health and Well-Being Certificate

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Contact Information:

Germane Barnes
Associate Professor
Director, Master of Architecture programs
(305) 284-3731

Nicole Hejazi, Associate Director
Graduate Programs
1223 Dickinson Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
Tel. 305-284-3060