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The University of Miami School of Architecture's Resources are geared towards helping students, alumni, and faculty remain informed on all of the School's happenings.

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U-SoA assists all students in the paths of their educational and professional development by providing professional support for both our students and partner employers throughout the world.


Students have the chance to submit their work and receive financial awards or publications through local and international opportunities such as fellowships, competitions, scholarships and honors.

The Office of Academic Services serves as a central resource point for all student-related matters, including providing student guidance to all prospective and currently-enrolled students.

With over 10,000 books, over 80 current international architecture and design-related journals, and much more, our libraries offer numerous resources to our students that also extend to the digital realm.

With comfortable seating space, areas for student studios, and cutting-edge resources to accelerate projects, our facilities are well-equipped for the advancement of all student objectives and designs.
We support a series of Labs and Centers developed around a key emerging research area within the architectural sphere meant to bridge and augment both student education and faculty research.

The Division of Student Affairs engages, supports, and develops students and the University community by providing services, programs, and facilities that foster a caring and inclusive environment.
ISSS facilitates enrollment, retention, and graduation for international students and ensures successful experiences for international scholars, including faculty and researchers.

Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion

The University of Miami School of Architecture strives to ensure every voice on campus feels equal and included. This webpage is dedicated to helping students navigate various campuses, schools, and personal resources available to students.