Graduate Assistantships

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Graduate Assistantships are available to a limited number of students based on maintaining minimum GPA, good command in English and/or advanced drawing/computing/organizational skills. The assignment of assistantships will be made on the basis of qualifications for each position.

Graduate Student Assistantships are available in the following categories:
  • Research Assistantship, in which a graduate student works on a research project under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Teaching Assistantship, in which a graduate student spends most of her or his time working on instructional activities, supporting a faculty member who is teaching a course. Sometimes, a teaching assistantship might entail the student providing tutorial assistance to other students, usually undergraduates, within a structured setting.
  • Graduate Assistantship, in which a graduate provides assistance that does not fall under one of the above categories such as, for instance, helping the school, or a program in the completion of various tasks.