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From first year to post graduates, the School is constantly looking for ways to improve upon the student experience. 624 future professionals are enrolled in U-SoA, preparing for leadership and lifelong learning in architecture, design, urbanism and related fields.

The faculty, staff, visiting lecturers and critics, and more than 2,000 alumni actively participate in achieving this goal.

Of the 624 students enrolled in 2024, 498 are undergraduate and 126 are graduate. Roughly one-third of our students come from Florida, another third from abroad and the remainder from the rest of the U.S., creating a truly diverse student body. Enrollment by gender is 47% male, 53% female

Our students make up a diverse, global student body, bringing a richness of experience and culture to U-SoA that isn’t easily found other places.

Students are included in all U-SoA’s public events; lectures, exhibitions, receptions, the alumni barbecue and other academic and social events. Varied lecture series and other public programming, field trips, off-campus Final Reviews, service projects such as the U-SoA-wide U-Serve, enhance the out-of-classroom experience for all of our students.

In addition, all U-SoA students are encouraged to join one or more of U-SoA’s student organizations (both national and local). These include the AIAS, Alpha Rho Chi, Student Council, the USGBC Students, Women in Architecture, Students for Classical Architecture and the National Organization for Minority Students (NOMAS). U-SoA also has a chapter of the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society, which recognizes academic excellence in both graduate and undergraduate students.

The American Institute of Architecture Students purpose is to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.” AIAS is the link between the AIA Miami the students. They help diversify students' education by providing educational opportunities that enhance professional development.

Alpha Rho Chi is the national fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. their brotherhood unites men and women for the purpose of fellowship and lifelong friendships and their mutual interest in professional development. This is exemplified by the fraternity’s motto: Fidelitas, Amor et Artes or “Fidelity and Love of the Arts.” Their student and alumni brothers study and practice architecture, interior design, architectural engineering, landscape architecture, and related disciplines. Alpha Rho Chi is a charter member of the Professional Fraternity Association.

Student Council implements programs and events to enhance the students’ on-campus comfort. These include a managing student lounge, holding monthly bake sales (out of the Billy Goat coffee kiosk) and offering refreshments for students, during late-night study periods. Students can also contact the Student Council to voice concerns and make inquiries about issues within U-SoA.

The Council hosts an annual Black and White Ball at the end of the academic year, a popular social event for both students and faculty. Stay tuned to the U-SoA Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates about fun and exciting Student Council events!

The US Green Building Council’s USGBC organization represents a union of students and young professionals who promote the integration of green building techniques and methods. 

Women in Architecture represents a group of women whose goal is to inspire, inform and connect women in architecture and design fields. Empowering women to have a greater presence in the profession.

Students for Classical Architecture is part of a national network of clubs that provides opportunities for students to cultivate their knowledge of traditional architecture. To achieve their mission, they hold events including an annual field trip to Windsor, monthly sketching activities, and tours of historic Miami.  In addition to these social events, they also work with the ICAA Florida, a professional traditional architecture organization, to connect students with the local traditional architecture community.  Additionally, the group holds an event in conjunction with the Career Fair every year for greater networking opportunities for students.

Finally, NOMAS UMiami strives to foster a positive environment of fellowship between minority students with others, as a source of cultural insight—within the field of architecture. Students of NOMAS UMiami encourage the progressive advancement of architecture students into the industry, by building strong members and making leadership actionable. NOMAS UMiami aims to be an effective source of motivation and inspiration for students of generations to follow. 

The NOMAS UMiami campus organization is directly affiliated with the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) on a national scale and the National Organization of Minority Architects, South Florida (SoFlo NOMA) on a regional scale.