Student Ambassadors

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Welcome to the U-SoA Student Ambassadors page! 

Who are the U-SoA Student Ambassadors

Our voluntary group consists of dedicated undergraduate student representatives who play a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community within the School of Architecture. From supporting prestigious events like the Tecnoglass/Currents lecture series and Spring Term Salons to facilitating engaging experiences during both Fall and Spring Orientation events, Homecoming celebrations, Rome Golf Tournaments, and Admission Events, our ambassadors contribute significantly to the rich tapestry of activities at U-SoA. Beyond event assistance, our ambassadors also spearhead student-led initiatives aimed at strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of belonging among fellow U-SoA students. Join us in shaping the vibrant community spirit of U-SoA!

How do you become a U-SoA Student Ambassador?

Becoming a U-SoA Ambassador is a prestigious opportunity for undergraduate students who are passionate about contributing to the School of Architecture community. To join our ranks, students must complete a comprehensive application process, which includes submitting an application reviewed and approved by the Office of Academic Services. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate exemplary character, showcasing traits of leadership, integrity, and dedication to both academic excellence and active involvement in student life. Nomination by faculty/staff members or current ambassadors is also a key component of the selection process, ensuring that prospective ambassadors are recognized for their outstanding contributions and commitment to the U-SoA community. If you're ready to take on a leadership role and make a meaningful impact within our school, we invite you to apply and become a part of our dynamic team of U-SoA Ambassadors.

When do applications open? 

The application for the U-SoA ambassadors program opens in June, offering undergraduate students the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and dedication to the School of Architecture community. Prospective candidates are encouraged to prepare their applications diligently, as this is the first step towards becoming a valued member of the U-SoA ambassadors’ team.