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Eco-Tent for Everglades National Park
Billy goat small billy goat
Mobile Coffee Kiosk- The Billy Goat
Design Build Coop big coop
Chicken Coop

Design/Build Booklet

Core Mission:

The core mission of Design/Build is to give students hands-on experience of architecture, engaging them with the underserved or not-for-profit community with prototypical solutions. This mission unites students and the community in ways that are mutually beneficial, while instilling the notion that architecture is a civic endeavor. Prototypical projects underscore that well-conceived architecture continues to have benefit by inciting further consideration and investigation. For Design/Build, it is the fabric of the repeated project that makes up so much of everyday life and the bulk of the built environment.

Design/Build students spend many hours drawing and imagining the buildings they design, realizing the ultimate goal of their ideas, through construction. Ideas about physical weight, texture and temperature of materials, and the role tolerances play in craft and longevity of construction, are best understood through building.


Since 2009 Design/Build has been generously supported by donors. Donor support and resources have been essential in helping U-SoA’s Design/Build program continue to build for the underserved community.


RSFP/ Rural Sanitary Facilities Prototype

Mobile Coffee Kiosk

Mobile Chicken Coop

B.E. & W.R. Miller BuildLab and Fairchild Shade House Prototype

Accordion Group

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