U-SoA Spring 2021 Final Reviews

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At the end of each term, students, faculty, guest critics and members of the community participate in the U-SoA Annual Final Review, a tradition that has long defined architectural education in North America. The Annual Final Review is a key component of U-SoA’s pedagogy and its emphasis on experiential learning. It offers opportunities for students to exercise their communication and presentation skills while interacting with leaders in the fields. The public setting and engagement with the community also tests the relevance of the issues we tackle with our students and showcases the diverse ways in which we engage them.

We customarily hold the reviews at the School or off-campus, at a prominent venue in the city that is accessible to the public, so as to engage the larger community in this annual ritual. Given the extraordinary circumstances of the global COVID-19 pandemic this year, the reviews are held online, in virtual jury rooms that are accessible to our community and viewers around the world through a dedicated website: arc.miami.edu/final-reviews2021.

We will surely miss seeing the student work literally filling the room and some of the excitement of being present with jury members, students, and faculty for their thrilling and insightful exchanges. We will however gain from the virtual platform in potentially reaching a larger community and in compelling students to explore and learn more form ever expanding digital environments and resources.

We look forward to future Annual Final Reviews as live and present events in UM’s and Miami’s cherished venues. But the precious lessons learned and new media adopted from this Spring 2021 editions will no doubt stay with us to transform, enhance, and amplify the juried review format as we know it.

Rodolphe el-Khoury, Dean

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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    firley mapTop image: Juan Enrique / Bottom: site

    Studio Description
    Wynwood Norte – reinventing a midrise high-density fabric for Miami 
    In this last and main exercise of ARC 204, the students have tested the new zoning code of “Wynwood Norte”, officially adopted only at the end of March 2021. Among many other stipulations, including incentives for the provision of affordable housing, it allows (for the T4 category) the development of up to 16 units on a typical Miami lot (50 x 140ft).

    What does this mean for the living environment, the public space and the urban landscape? Such densities on small properties have not been realized for decades, and are comparable only to historic parts of South Beach and Little Havana. What type of city will emerge? What are the opportunities and shortfalls? Is there any hope to counterbalance the forces of gentrification? 

    In order to simulate the future transformation, each of the eight student groups has received one street section, and started to redevelop it on vacant and underdeveloped land.

    Eric Firley

    9:15 am

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    Meeting ID: 956 8005 0235
    Passcode: 754797

    Student Names
    Lilly Acosta
    Juan Jose Chinchilla
    Mariana Fleites
    Alexander Kennedy Harper
    Alexandria Elizabeth Jones
    Tarynn Kaelin
    Blaise Lowen
    Sidney Marques
    Carlos Enrique Santos Ortiz
    Kevan Michael Washington
    Kailyn Wee
    Emmaus Yonas

    Donnie Garcia-Navarro

    9:00 am

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    Meeting ID: 921 1000 3925
    Passcode: 481180

    Student Names
    Nicholas M Amadori
    Annsley Montgomery Barton
    Alana Jasmin Bernard
    Keely Rae Brunkow
    Tyler James Dowd
    Nicole Cristina Garcia-Tunon
    Jake Trueman Gawrych
    Daley Sprintz Hall
    Andrea Maria Lira
    Steffi Dyan Rangel
    Benny Rebecca
    Brandon Rourke Soto
    Sam Tsirulnikov

    Cynthia Gunadi

    9:00 am

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    Meeting ID: 933 5811 8955
    Passcode: ARC20423

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    Passcode: ARC20423

    Student Names
    Sacha Aina Braggs
    Jack Kenneth Chazotte
    Emily Anne Dietzko
    Alexis Emmanuel Ebue
    Brianna Marie Frank
    Emma Simone Friderici
    Daniela Jalfon
    John Kovacic
    Hannah Meyer
    William Edward Redding
    Quinn Palmer Riesch
    Rebecca Mason Stewart
    Robert Ireland Upton
    Abbas J J A Yaqoub

    Sophie Juneau

    9:00 am

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    Meeting ID: 951 9760 3553
    Passcode: 428560

    Student Names
    Isabella Adelsohn
    Sophia Maria Benitez
    Nathan Ben Yishai Dankner
    Meghan Angela Dombroski
    Dario F Gonzalez Bautista
    Justin Alec Heitner
    Fabiana Maria Macedo Rodriguez
    Benjamin James Martin
    Kean Ferrel O'Connor
    Daniel Sicorsky-Brener
    Chi Yen Ta
    Jaclyn Faye Torn
    Nicole Alana Trujillo

    Shawna Meyer

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    Meeting ID: 956 8005 0235
    Passcode: 754797

    Student Names
    Ethan Blatt
    Julia Borges Reis
    Josie Ann Duran
    Didem Macey Erbilen
    Ashley Lee
    Nico Elliott Machado Rusconi
    Diego Alejandro Macias
    Manuela Marulanda Bedoya
    Erik Olliges
    Nandha Ravi
    Francisco Alejandro Sanabria
    Connor Stevens
    AJ Zegans

    Oscar Machado

    9:00 am

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    Meeting ID: 815 195 1765
    Passcode: Norte

    Student Names
    Nicolas Alvarez
    Ayca Erturk
    Grace Levey
    Yuhang Liu
    Erika Melissa Orellana
    Maria Elisa Rosiles
    Sara Khalid Tufail
    Isabella Alejandra Zayas

    Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

    9:00 am

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    Meeting ID: 815 195 1765
    Passcode: Norte

    Student Names
    Michelle Akl
    Salem Rakan Alsalmi
    Salome Arango
    Lauren Elia
    Jasmine Hong
    Andrea Martinez
    Douglas Eduardo Noriega
    Emel Yilmaz 

    Yasmine Zeghar Hammoudi

    9:15 am

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    Meeting ID: 992 9762 0196
    Passcode: 178173

    Student Names
    Alex Jermaine Adams
    Ryan Jacob Berman
    Teodoro Julian Bueres
    Gray Covington Burke
    Zachary Cronin
    Gabriela De Camarero Perez
    Sean Christopher Festa
    Teagan Connelly Polizzi
    Kayla Marie Rembold
    Mikayla Rose Riselli
    Carolina Rodriguez
    Shea Elizabeth Stuyvesant
    Leanne Vera

Friday, April 30, 2021

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    von moos

    Image: Luigi Ghirri, Ravenna, 1970

    Studio Description
    Elements of Architecture
    With every task, the givens change. Each time, one starts afresh. To remain an amateur is the architect’s basic condition; to adapt and invigorate so as to become an expert regarding a particular program and specific setting is his / her re-current challenge. Thus, architecture is not this or that; architecture is first of all critical awareness; in fact, it materializes most coherently when attitude becomes form. The basic elements of architecture may well be walls, columns, windows, roofs, stairs etc., but its fundamental raison d’être beyond offering shelter and framing space for human activities is to question the world in order to change it. So, take nothing for granted, be curious and develop a consciousness that the architect does not construct with his / her own hands - something he nevertheless should masterfully know about – but he / she plans and imagines the future on the basis of what is already there.

    Charlotte Von Moos

    9:00 am

    In-person, on-campus
    for all sections (with the exception of Prof. Correa)

    Student Names
    Carlos Ignacio Arrinda Ulivi
    Julio Andres Brea
    Jesper Jie Brenner
    Ashley Christina Collins
    Alexandra Ducas
    George William Elliott
    Sebas Hernandez
    Celeste Jelyn Landry
    Michelle Gabrielle Saguinsin
    Montse Saldivar Sandoval
    Matthew Ryan Trebra
    Yanitza Gisselle Velez

    Juan Alayo

    Student Names
    Daniella Sofia Bueso
    Franco Ferreira De Melo
    Liam Orion Green
    Yamaris Barbara Martinez
    Samantha Elizabeth Nowak
    Jacob Nussbaum
    Defne Oezdursun
    Melanie Plutsky
    Andrew Thomas Price
    Mason Alfred Rape
    Roland Thomas Stafford
    Jillian Faith Tarini

    Najeeb Campbell

    Student Names
    Ben Francis Callanan
    Aidan Michael Don Davis
    Peter Dominic De Leon
    Daniel Jose Ferrer
    Isa Maria Jackson
    Ciara Joseph
    Daniel Noah Kurland
    Malachi Elijah Matthews
    Danielle Natale
    Kelsey Payton Payne
    Laura Michelle Petrillo
    Vivian Adele Smith
    Hamza Waris

    Cristina Canton

    Student Names
    Latifa F A H Alfalah
    Khalil Justice Bland
    Sophia Grace Emanuel
    Mary Elyce Gorski
    Andrea Isabel Hernandez
    Ana Jouvin
    Katherine Elizabeth Lindsey
    Mia Elise Morgan
    Sofia Paniagua Posca
    Carlo Manuel Paz
    William Beretta Perik
    Hailey Lee Scarantino
    Cindy Ye

    Wendy Caraballo

    Student Names
    Raghad Alqertas
    Roee Nissim Aviv
    Maggie Barrow
    Alyssa Garcia
    Diego Orlando Horta
    Ahmad A A M A Jamal
    Nicole Kertznus
    Rim Khayata
    Bryson Alexander Leonard
    Isha Snehal Patel
    Michael Guillermo Roldan Pico
    Andrew Harris Rosenberg

    Alice Cimring

    Student Names
    Leah Naomi Culbert
    Benjamin Lee Darby
    Julian Karam
    Vanessa Maria Lopez-Trujillo
    Meghan Christina Mahoney
    Grant Alexander McNavage
    Angela Marie Mesaros
    Lares Monge
    Emma Catherine Przybylo
    Anna Paula Puente
    Bennett Kyle Resnick
    Thomas Wenke
    Benito Antonio Zapata

    Jaime Correa

    9:15 am

    Zoom Meeting ID: 928 8392 7557
    Password: CORREA

    Student Names
    Yousif Abulhasan
    Abdullah Almousalli
    Andrea Baussan
    Lara Anne Connolly
    Adriana Guerra DeCastro
    Ellie Taite Koeppen
    Charles Richard Penny
    Richard Antonio Quezada
    Che Ramsubhag
    Christopher Trent Stinson
    Dani de Sola

    Melodie Sanchez

    Student Names
    Antonio Del Toro
    Christina Marie Gallarello
    Tatiana Soledad Gaviria Cardenas
    Paris Rene James
    Mariam Maria Khadr
    Chailin Alexis Lewis
    Alex Joel Miller
    Tate Bradley Nowell
    Elise Marie Palenzuela
    Mykayla Na'im Pauls
    Sebastian Serrano
    Aiden Surman

    Veruska Vasconez

    Student Names
    Adeline Francesca Angelino
    Farhan Ali Imran Ahmed Barmare
    Aaron Michael Baxt
    Catalina Cabral-Framinan
    Samuel Randy Carter
    Carolina Alicia Gonzalez
    Matthew Jaramillo
    Santiago Maria Krossler
    Elisabeth Anais Schnell
    Cailley Price Slaten
    Olivia Catherine Speaks
    Sophia Kristina Tosti
    Pablo Eugenio Vera



    Studio Description
    North Beach Youth Center
    The Tropical Architecture for the Future - Integrated Studio will engage in the widely recognized need for architecture to improve and eventually eliminate its contribution to global warming and climate change, as well as to search for solutions rooted in design to develop new resilient building types. In response to the International Energy Agency prediction that the growing use of air conditioners in homes and offices around the world will be one of the top drivers of global electricity demand over the next three decades, the studio challenges the notion that all inhabitable spaces require mechanical cooling. The “universality” of the air conditioner is a relatively new phenomenon, and architecture has historically proven to be capable of sustaining and enriching human life without it. Each team will analyze the program and in consequence, articulate a comprehensive plan including a minimum of 50% of the project to be passively cooled.

    The focus of the studio is the design of a public facility dedicated to the young population of the North Miami Beach area. In recent years, there has been a population shift to the northern part of the island, resulting on an increase in demand for public space and civic activities outside the existing commercial corridors. The site is a parcel of land measuring 320’ x 175’ belonging to the area known as the West Lots, between 82nd and 83rd Street. The West Lots are a strip of land west of Collins Avenue, stretching from 79th to 87th Street, owned by the City of Miami Beach. These extraordinary parcels are only separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the North Beach Oceanside Park, and are adjacent on the west side to the North Shore Historic District. On the project lot there is currently a skate park that draws large number of athletes of all ages, but predominantly school age children and young adults. The already existing intensity on the site strongly suggests that the Youth Center could be the catalyst of a transformation of the West Lots into a North Beach civic center.

    Edgar Sarli

    1:00 pm

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    Meeting ID: 935 6697 6417
    Passcode: 368289

    Student Names
    Amy Margaret Agne
    Ethan John Anderson
    Gianna Rose Florio
    Hope Elizabeth Kenny
    Andrey Alexander Nash
    Blake Richard Oliver
    Miranda Gabrielle Posey
    Lucas Sam Rosen
    Jayna Lynn Schack
    Harrison Phan Hieu Zaye

    Jose Gelabert-Navia

    1:00 - 5:00 pm

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    Meeting ID: 918 1359 6294
    Password: 957082

    Guest critics:
    German Brun
    Carlos Prio Touzet
    Allan Shulman

    Student Names
    Ola Faith Akinniyi
    Maria Cadena
    Aleksandra Monika Czaja
    Alexandra Nicole Dreybus
    Alixandra Fleming
    Shane Jezowski
    Hali Keller
    Chuchen Liu
    Crawford Suarez
    Junren Tan
    Han Wang
    Shifan Wang

    Jorge Hernandez

    12:45 pm

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    Meeting ID: 434 706 5442

    Student Names
    Gabriel Figueroa
    Paul Fishel
    Emma Alexandria Gerlach
    Isaiah Terrell Holmes
    Kevin Edward Johnson
    Diana Lissette Juarez-Montano
    Joshua Kaufman
    Katherine Grace Lesh
    Ashanni McClam
    Joao Eduardo Llano Ribeiro
    James Tyler Schmidt
    Anna Isabel Valdes Zauner

    Ricardo Lopez

    1:00 - 5:30 pm

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    Meeting ID: 963 0377 7225
    Password: 749330

    Guest critics:
    Najeeb Campbell
    Kirk Paskal
    Jorge Trelles

    Student Names
    Abdullatif M H H Alhusaini
    Naser B A M Alkandari
    Mohammad A A A Alramadan
    Sarah H M M H A Alturkait
    Fahad O A S Alzaid
    Kwasi Ballantyne
    Ckiara Ann Condezo
    Vanessa De Los Angeles Crespo
    Sophia Elwaw
    Johanela Michelle Hinz
    Emi Kopke
    Guang Liang
    Emad Hassan M Munshi
    Julia Teig
    Zeyu Zhang

    Carie Penabad

    1:30 pm

    [ Join Zoom Meeting ]
    Meeting ID: 933 1307 2586
    Passcode: Integrated

    Student Names
    Crispin Michael Blamphin
    Livia Brodie
    Runyu Da
    Amanda Marie Guerrero
    Afomia Tekalgne Hunde
    Nicholas Cameron Ingold
    Benjamin Michael Klinger
    Maia Jade Marshall
    Christopher Scott Muchow
    Conor Leo Quigley
    Farha Jalal Reshamwala
    Anthony Louis Venant

    Luis Sousa

    1:00 - 5:30 pm

    Rinker Classroom
    Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center
    1215 Theo Dickinson Drive
    Coral Gables, FL 33146

    Student Names
    Heber Jared Hernandez
    Mahlia Jenkins
    Teymour Khoury
    Dominic Andrew Lanctot
    Ian Xavier Ondek
    Morgan Isabel Rapp
    Elliot Saeidy
    Megan Eleanor Sheehan
    Shannon Carmin Stack
    Ann Yu
    Abdallah Ayman Ahmad Mohammed Zaidan

    David Trautman

    1:00 pm

    In-person, on-campus

    Student Names
    Brenda Hernande
    Olha Khymytsia
    Peter O Kiliddjian
    Winston Lee
    Maha Malik
    Soran Rostami
    Santiago Salamanca
    Nathan Michael Sullivan
    Christelle Genevieve Vincent
    Stephen Matthew Wisniew

  • ARC 407-510, 608-609 - UPPER LEVEL DESIGN - R. BEHAR

    behar skyscraper

    Studio Description
    The NEW YORK CITY STUDIO is dedicated to an in-depth study through research and design of the architecture of the skyscraper. New YorkCityisthe site of the invention of the skyscraper and the historical testing groundof the vertical city and high urban densityin America. The NYC STUDIO is committed to the invention of a new generation of skyscrapers inspired by the architecture of the city. The studio will research through drawings the architecture of the block, the streetand the skyline in connection with historical skyscrapers.Contemporary interpretations by Pritzker prize winners Aldo Rossi, Frank Gehry Herzog de Meuron and Sannawill be reviewed. Teams of two students will produce new skyscraper projects forthe city in close relationship with the research conducted.

    Roberto Behar

    1:00 pm

    [ Join Zoom Meeting ]
    Meeting ID: 966 1327 9884
    Password: NewYork

    Student Names
    Abdullah Yahya A Alyahya
    Gladys Amelia Espinal Vasquez
    Larah Garcez Biondo
    Shariq Ishaque
    Cooper William Kaplan
    Hunter J Kronk
    Gretchen Suzanne Lemon
    Ho Ming Herman Lui
    Daniel Eduardo Morgan Levy
    Haochen Su
    Haoran Wang
    Yemin Yan

  • ARC 407-510, 608-609 - UPPER LEVEL DESIGN - F. MARTINEZ

    superstudioAmbrogio Lorenzetti, Allegory of Good and Bad Government, Fresco, 1338-40, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena

    (Left) The Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex in St Louis, shortly after its completion in 1956.
    Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis.
    (Right) The second stage of demolition of the Pruitt-Igoe complex in April 1972.
    Photograph: Lee Balterman/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

    Studio Description
    Super Studio: Redevelopment of the South Miami Gardens Public Housing Community

    • Dwelling as an Expanded Paradigm
    • Mixed Income/Inclusive Housing and Mixed Use
    • TOD (Transit Oriented Development)
    • Actual On-going and Multi-Disciplinary Project
    • SOA Programs Participating: Architecture (BARCH and MARCH), Urban Design, MRED+U (Masters of Real Estate Development + Urbanism),
    • Developers: Private, Government and Not-For Profit
    • Workshops with Invited Architects and Experts in the Field

    The Super Studio shall dedicate itself to a project that will engage, at both the urban and architectural scale, the question of inclusive and healthy dwelling within a diverse context and an extraordinary urban condition.

    The intent is to begin with a design process that will allow a richly thoughtful and multi-pronged approach, by studio teams (participants from all programs working together), towards both the existing complex and varied built environment, and its diverse history. The subsequent phases of study and design will, at its core, be one born of substantive interaction and discourse between the areas of expertise of the teams, with the ultimate objective of fostering solutions that are A) innovative in approach, B) feasible in application, and C) desirable modes of dwelling in the broadest possible terms, for the potential Inhabitants, City and Region as a whole.

    The goal is to explore, formulate and test designs, urban and architectural, that serve to safeguard inhabitants (individuals) in the urban built environment, along with a quality of life that best enriches and serves the greater social/public collective interest.

    Frank Martinez
    Dr. Charles Bohl, Professor and Director, MRED+U
    Stephen Nostrand, Lecturer MRED+U
    Tim Hernandez, Developer-in-Residence, MRED+U
    Antonio Prado, Developer-in-Residence, Law-RPD

    2:00 - 5:00 pm

    In-person, On-campus

    Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio Building
    University of Miami School of Architecture
    1223 Theo Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146

    Student Names
    Maaryam F KH J H Alanzi
    William John Barrett
    Jeffrey Michael Birenbaum
    Robin Crowder
    Aarti Narsih Dobariya
    Sarah Nicole Ercia
    William Alberto Jacome
    Sheinya Wittney Joseph
    Chelsey Marie Kaniewski
    Jake Leonardi
    Mariel Delyn Lindsey
    Christian T. Meyer
    Samantha Ramos
    Spencer Richardson
    Rebecca Kate Rudner
    Chenkai Zhao

  • ARC 407-510, 608-609 - UPPER LEVEL DESIGN - (V.C.) T. SMITH & J. TAYLOR

    smith and taylor

    Buildings and gardens of Bloomsbury, London

    Studio Description
    William H. Harrison Studio in Classical & Traditional Architecture
    We are interested in classicism and its potential as a living language of architecture. We do not engage with this way of thinking for nostalgic or sentimental reasons but as a foundational armature for a sustainable and robust architecture of the future. We cannot deny the inspiration we draw from the buildings of the past, but in them we observe the thread of a continuing tradition, which relates buildings of high and low status, differing geographical, legislative and social contexts, and varying construction techniques and typologies, across many centuries. Projects will be set in London, specifically in historic Bloomsbury, an area noted for its urban squares, terraced housing, green spaces and historic institutions. Having studied these typologies students will design a flexible mid-scale city building for working, living and gathering,with convincing tectonic qualities,in a bucolic and historic urban setting.

    Projects will explore the translation ofclassical ideals into realisable buildings, and the capacity for construction and architectural expression to convey meaning, connecting with individuals and society more generally. Live and pre-recorded city walks and talks will bring London and its architecture to Miami alongside hybrid design sessions.

    Smith & Taylor are London-based architects and have taught a design studio at Kingston School of Art, London since 2010.

    insta: smithandtaylor

    William H. Harrison Visiting Critics in Classical Architecture, Timothy Smith & Jonathan Taylor, with Steven Fett

    Time/Zoom Info
    Site 1
    09:00-10:45 EST, 14:00-15:45 BST
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    Critics: Andrew Clancy, Jorge Hernandez, Rick Lopez
    Students: Andrew, Tiffany, Emily, Abel

    Break 10:45-11:00 EST, 15:45-16:00 BST

    Site 2
    11:00-13:00 EST, 16:00-18:00 BST
    [ Join Zoom Meeting ]
    [ Connect to Miro Board ]

    Critics: Stephen Chrisman, Andrew Clancy, Carie Penabad, Téofilo Victoria
    Students: Cecilia, Natalie, Jheanelle, Hannah, Jose

    Student Names
    Andrew Joseph Almeida
    Tiffani Banks
    Natalie Castillo
    Emily Paige Fusilero
    Cecilia Debary McCammon
    Jheanelle Christasia Georgian Miller
    Hannah Lilia Rodriguez
    Abel Andres Victores
    Jose Alejandro Villalobos


    hotel studio

    Studio Description
    The Hotel Studio - Indigo Bay (with RED 660)
    The Hotel Studio explores the phenomenon of hospitality and emerging issues/trends of hotel design. In Spring 2021, the Hotel Studio will explore the role of hospitality in transient live-work settings and in making community. Sponsored by Tau Capital, the Studio will investigate the development of a new extended-stay hotel and auxiliary functions on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. This hotel will be conceived as a part of a larger urban development that will include retail and co-working spaces. Students in the Hotel Studio will collaborate with students and faculty in the Real Estate Development and Urbanism (MRED+U) program, and students were expected to actively engage this interdisciplinary process.

    Allan Shulman
    Dr. Charles Bohl, Professor and Director, MRED+U
    Stephen Nostrand, Lecturer MRED+U
    Tim Hernandez, Developer-in-Residence, MRED+U
    Antonio Prado, Developer-in-Residence, Law-RPD

    9:00 AM

    [ Join Zoom Meeting ]
    Meeting ID: 991 2166 8075
    Password: 792773

    Student Names
    Faris Al Aswad
    Mikayla Paris Allen
    Maria Claudia Aparicio
    Megan Browne
    Ryan Paul Daniusis
    Katya Carmen Garcia
    Clarissa Hellebrand Blasini
    Sofia A Kiblisky
    Stefanie M Levy
    Natalie Marie Lipsey
    Karlie Ann Lobitz
    Morgan Christopher O'Brien
    Tanner Wall


    Studio Description
    This course includes students and faculty from the MRED+U and Law-RPD LLM programs. Urban infill and redevelopment practice introduces complexities and opportunities that differ significantly from edge city and greenfield development practice. This course will build students competencies for infill and redevelopment practice focusing on: barriers and solutions for urban infill development; urban site analysis; mixed-use development; repositioning of vacant and underutilized properties, greyfield and brownfield opportunities, historic preservation, public-private partnerships, business improvement districts, tax increment financing, urban parking strategies, affordable and workforce housing, urban building types and mixed-use infill strategies.

    Project Descriptions
    Extended-stay hotel and flex workspace 
    Indigo Bay, St. Maarten
    These teams will collaborate with Professor Shulman's Hospitality Studio on design and development proposals for this site. Interdisciplinary teams will engage with the owner/developer in multiple reviews.

    Retail shopping center sites for reposition/reuse
    West Little Havana and Kendall sites
    Retail shopping center properties with redevelopment and reuse potential where some or potentially all of the retail could be changed to other uses, or repositioned. The challenges of lease terms with existing tenants, reconnecting sites with their neighborhood fabric, and phasing strategies that preserve income-producing tenants while infill and redevelopment is pursued on portions of sites will be explored.

    Small scale sites with urban buildings for repositioning/reuse
    Downtown Coral Gables and Downtown Delray Beach
    These are small sites with existing buildings that have redevelopment / repositioning potential in urban settings. There may or may not be infill opportunities for additional development. Financing, zoning, parking and other challenges will be explored, as well as urban building types for small scale projects.

    Affordable homeownership infill/partnership
    Miami Gardens
    YWCA partnership initiative to build affordable housing with a path to homeownership. Their mission is to empower women and families and to further social justice for minorities and underserved communities. These teams will explore scenarios for private development that puts people on a pathway to home ownership and also provides a new financial model for higher density affordable housing models that can blend into existing single-family neighborhoods.

    Redevelopment of academic campus
    North Miami
    Redevelopment strategy and phasing for the mixed-use development and infill of the Johnson & Wales North Miami campus.

    Redevelopment of post office site
    Coconut Grove
    Redevelopment scenario for the post office site on Grand Avenue within the Grove Neighborhood Conservation District.

    Dr. Charles Bohl, Professor and Director, MRED+U
    Stephen Nostrand, Lecturer MRED+U
    Tim Hernandez, Developer-in-Residence, MRED+U
    Antonio Prado, Developer-in-Residence, Law-RPD

    1:00 - 6:00 pm

    [ Join Zoom Meeting ]
    Meeting ID: 983 7048 3626
    Passcode: red660 

    [ View Schedule ]

    Student Names
    Corey James Altman
    Christopher Carbonell
    Isabella Sophia Chandris
    Daniella P. Cioffi
    Mariana Cordoba
    Sebastian Echeverri
    Jacob Frisch
    Daniel Walker Gaultier
    Daniel Golden
    David C. Holmes
    William Hunter Holtz
    Kevin Patrick Logue
    Isabella Loret de Mola
    Jessica Lott
    Harry Andrew Mannil
    Athanasios William Mazas
    Taylor Knight McHarg
    Nelson B. Moraga
    Oscar Nicolas Moreno
    Rafael Siqueira Martins de Oliveira
    Daniel Alberto Otero
    Jonathan Schai Pascheles
    Michael Ramirez
    David Schulwitz
    Krystal Sheppard
    Spencer Tiel Sorfleet
    Gian Troche
    Stephen Michael White

    MRED+U / MArch
    Peyton Fraser Smyth

    MRED+U / MCM
    Cece Camacho

    Civil Eng/Arch + Urb
    Alfredo Jose Ortega Grunauer

    Law RPD
    Nicholas Bailkin
    Natalie Cavellier
    Beatriz Chaves Barbosa
    Carlos Gomez Garcia
    Jared Rosenberg
    Min Azahares
    Bethany Begnaud
    John Farris
    Briana Hazzi
    John Inguagiato
    Xiomara Malave
    Morgan Metzger
    Monika Swiecinska
    Francesca Urso
    Logan Wellmeier

Monday, May 3, 3021

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  • ARC 407-510, 608-609 - UPPER LEVEL DESIGN - A. CIANCHETTA

    global artscapes
    Studio Description

    Global Artscapes: Project Miami Allapattah
    Globalization (and the future of it), unprecedented displacements – either forced or willing - a state of permanent environmental and political crises are constantly modifying the relationship between individuals, the notion of country-state and identity, the different communities and the physical space they inhabit. The non-nomadic become nomadic. Under the current fast-changing conditions, the question is how architecture and urban design may imagine new welcoming spaces for a public and generations that are still to come and for provisional communities for whom the very notion of belonging - to a country, to a geographic area, to a community, to a defined gender - is constantly under shift. The research-driven urban design studio explores the radical transformation of landscapes, territories, and cities within the frame of cultural districts and global art collections. it considers the many opportunities and urban transformations that may be triggered and generated by the contemporary art market for the benefit of a wider public. The case study analyzed in the studio will be Miami and a series of different districts (Design District, Wynwood, Little Habana, Little Haiti, Downtown Miami, South Beach among others). The first part of the studio will be devoted to research and the production of analytical and conceptual mapping. In the second part, students will pick a site in or related to the above-mentioned areas and engage with the critical issues mentioned below to propose new urban typologies and innovative governance models.

    Visiting Critic Alessandra Cianchetta

    9:30 am

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    Student Names
    Ciana Leigh Bello
    Gabrielle Boyar
    Amanda Blair Brown
    Alicia Colon
    Batuhan Dortcelik
    Florianne Adrien Jacques
    Michael Kundin
    Skyler Barton Lowden
    Charlotte Kyra McCabe
    Connor Griffin Murray

  • ARC 407-510, 608-609 - UPPER LEVEL DESIGN - J.F. LEJEUNE

    BEIRUTMapping of the explosion impact (Jiaxin Li, U-SoA)

    Studio Description
    From Antiquity to nowadays, from Alexandria to New York to Singapore, port cities have emerged and developed as sites of social, economic, and cultural exchanges where people from different parts of the world mixed and influenced one another at one of the greatest paces in the history of civilization. The Mediterranean was a cradle in that evolution, with cities like Barcelona, Marseilles, Genova, Algiers, Haifa, and many others like Beirut. In this context, the exploratory studio will deal with the aftermath of the disastrous explosion that took place in the Lebanese capital during the summer of 2020. Students will investigate the history of the city, its architecture and its urban development, while speculating on potential places of design intervention regarding the port and the impacted areas that might involve infrastructures, housing, preservation, and urban design. The hope is to imagine a new era and establish new relationships between the commercial activities of the port and the civil residential life that parallels it but has remained totally separated. A particular emphasis will be given to the district of Karantina, one of the poorest and most disarticulated neighborhoods of the city. The studio will be led in collaboration with TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Port City Futures.


    Jean-François Lejeune

    1:00 pm

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    Student Names
    Leah Keira Coleby
    Andre Mega de Mathis
    Maan Mansour A Ezmirly
    Caitlin Garner
    John Lawrence Henneman
    Yufei Huang
    Alexia Lohken
    Thomas Long
    Otto Gustav Mastrapa
    Jane Wesley Rakow
    James Joesph Tirado



    Studio Description
    Studio Sauter von Moos - The House as a Work of Art
    The written word is mostly used by architectural professionals as an à posteriori tool to describe a completed project or theorize a larger body of work. Breaking with that common practice, in this studio we seek to employ creative writing as a central instrument in the design process itself in order to more precisely articulate our ideas, but also to possibly define new linguo-spatial territories.

    The concrete brief will be the design of a writer’s cabin at Biscayne Bay. Following a longstanding tradition — one may think of the isolated retreats of Henry David Thoreau, Shuntaro Tanikawa, Dylan Thomas or Virginia Woolf — our goal is to re-envision that particular building typology in a secluded park in the midst of Miami, inquiring what is the most suitable spatial environment to critically reflect on the world today.

    Envisioned as true catalysts and “machines à réaction poétique,” all projects are thought to be developed in great detail with a special emphasis on materiality and construction, place-making and spatial atmosphere. Touching upon the roots of architecture, our contemporary primitive huts are thought to be self-reliant building units, thus, they should all be soundly adapted to their subtropical surroundings and poetically unveil the natural forces.

    Florian Sauter

    9:00 am

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    Student Names
    Valentina Eugenia Alfonzo Albornett
    Natalia Andrea Cure Garcia
    Jackeline Ivonne Del Arca Argueta
    Alexia Marotta
    Mackenzie Sky Wilhelm
    Reid Kruse Yenor
    Gabriel Jean-Paul Soomar
    Michael Sean Cannon
    Sofia Francisca Contreras Ojeda
    Maria Isabel Lira Adrian
    Brendan Patrick Riggs
    Sofia Karina Silva Cadena


    shark valley
    Studio Description
    Everglades Studio: A Meetinghouse and Overlook for Shark Valley Loop
    Today the forum for the debate of civic issues takes place in often less than dignified places. School cafeterias, stuffy boardrooms, municipal auditoriums and non-descript office buildings are the new spaces for public debate and meeting. Most of these places are an interior world with no recognizable exterior form or iconography. Additionally teleconferencing and the Internet have allowed for interaction in which one no longer needs to be in the same physical place as another to discuss important issues that impact citizens of the city. The pros and cons of how well this new form of interaction services the public can be debated, but what is certain is the loss of the architecture that once represented the higher ideals of civic discourse. Public discourse is both everywhere and nowhere. The studio will focus on the question of civic form and iconography with the design of a meeting hall in the Everglades. The program may also include the design of an observation tower or overlook as a counterpoint to the otherwise collective internal focus of the meeting hall program.

    Rocco Ceo

    1:00 pm

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    Student Names
    Rawan Kh H H M Alkandari
    Nora A KH S Alkhalaf
    Salah Saleh M Alsharari
    Janan A H GH Husain
    Daniel Bradley Kamb
    Alexandra Marie Leitch
    Olivia Tower Schilling
    Madison Taylor Seip
    Hector Gonzalo Valdivia
    Eduardo A Ventura


    arc 605
    John Hedjuk, 7 Houses, 1980

    Studio Description
    ‘MORE WITH LESS’ - A Community Center for La Playa, Barranquilla
    The studio will begin by studying a range of public buildings from antiquity to the present.  This initial research and analysis of carefully selected masterworks will introduce the students to the role of composition and form in architecture. The students will then study the ‘La Playa’ informal settlement in Barranquilla, Colombia to learn from its existing landscape and see firsthand how it works. Students will be asked to ‘look nonjudgmentally at this environment’ by analyzing, mapping, and documenting the existing conditions.   However, the primary objective of the semester is to initiate urban regeneration through the design of sustainable architectural proposals within this neighborhood.  These proposals constitute an opportunity to investigate the role of the public building and its capacity to generate a sense of place. At the same time, while rigorously studying the principles of architecture and town building found in these communities and documenting our findings, we will also position our research within the framework of local cultural history, aesthetic tradition and popular culture, arriving at suggested solutions that derive organically, in a sustainable fashion, from the immediate social, topographic and cultural environment. 
    To this end, students will be asked to design  a ‘Community Center’ for the La Playa informal settlement in Barranquilla, Colombia. While the building is intended to provide vital services for the community, the ultimate goal will be to provide a structure of meaning that is capable of expressing the shared values of this community. 

    10:00 am

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    Student Names
    Tiffany Agam
    Isacio Javier Albir
    Megan Ray Barrett
    Estefania Bourgy
    Andrea Camere
    Kari Ellen Grindel
    Tais Hamilton
    Amber Elizabeth Kountz
    Kathleen Joanna Lockwood
    Harrison Mark Neuman
    Allison Annette Newcombe
    Flint R. Porter
    Benjamin Alex Smith
    Christine L. Tran
    Nina Tatiana Voith
    Michelle Arina Wright

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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    Joel Lamere, Coordinator
    Jean-Francois Lejeune
    Shawna Meyer
    Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
    Glenda Puente
    Patrick Reuter
    Florian Sauter
    David Trautman

    9:00 am - 6:00 pm 


    Student Names

    Pratiksha Jayprakash Achari
    Marissa Gomez Almanza
    Jason Scott Brostoff
    Michael Sutton Cahn
    Emily Camejo
    Polen Durak
    Taylor Alyssa Eyo
    Johnny Edward Laderer
    Jennifer Ann Lamy
    Yingqi Li
    Elaheh Mahiantoosi
    Kerinanne Taylor Matre
    Shannon Rose Skylark Newberry
    Maria Andreina Noriega Guerrero
    Lauren Kimberly Oates
    Ricardo Perez
    Tanya Gabriela Rivera
    Behzad Tavakol

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    Metro garages in construction, Madrid, 1920s. © Salvemos Cuatro Caminos.

    Studio Description
    the ruins of modernity

    Cities are palimpsests. Buildings are constantly rebuilt, within, below, on top, or—more often than not—in place of previous buildings. In many cities these layers of construction and reconstruction are visible as ruins. In many others, those traces are not always as obvious but they and their buildings can be studied to reveal the preexistences.

    The Directed Research studio course will analyze the concept of palimpsest, both in theoretical and practical terms, at the level of the city and at the level of its buildings, what Aldo Rossi called “urban artifacts” and “permanent elements.” We will study the changing values of ruins from the Renaissance to our moment, how they have acquired aesthetic significance in Western culture and how, along centuries, ruins and archeological sites impacted the development of modern architecture and urbanism. Eventually we will query whether ruins, particularly the ruins of modernity, can help find a resilient way of reinventing architecture and the city in times of climate change.

    Students will choose sites that legibly express this layered history for their analyses and design projects, including archeological remains, ruined or incomplete(d) buildings and sites, unbuilt structures in history, and the like.

    Jean-François Lejeune

    Student Names
    Siying Cheng
    Michael M. Ganom
    Jiaxin Li
    Yayu Yan

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    Studio Description
    [re]Configuring Woods
    Working concurrently with the University of Miami School of Architecture Littoral Urbanism Lab, the directed research agenda will explore the architectural morphology of material driven design, specifically: wood. [While agendas of mass timber research were encouraged; they were not required--however, a specific wood inquiry was.

    architectural morphology_
    the study of the form of an object or a building and their relationships between its structures

    Through this exploration, the historic and contemporary material culture of wood will be examined, challenged, interrogated, visualized, economized, and [de]codified to uncover new futures of wood architecture. During the Fall a selected group of three students worked together researching, writing, and illustrating these topics as a unified group. In November, our group then reflected on the shared research to identify individual paths of inquiry. These paths have been explored from that point forward through individual perspectives; as student driven research their work into architecture as a conscious act of design, linking territory, industrial processing, logistics, tectonics, form, and space.

    The result is a group of project’s ranging in scale- methodology, and inquiry surrounding the United States fledgling CLT, cross-laminated timber, industry. The American identity of CLT as an ecology, an industry, a material, and a product is nascent--at this critical juncture how as architects, makers and stewards of the environment do we engage? Through the three student projects, one discovers architecture through a territorial investigation of a budding geo-culture of Southern Yellow Pine, firmly rooted in the Southeast and coastal-contexts, research addresses logistics, supply and demand, and the potential for collaborative material research through a fibrous agenda, the relationship between community, climate refuge, post-disaster habitats, digital fabrication, and the insertion of a new phase in construction life-cycle: dis-assembly.

    Shawna Meyer, AIA

    Student Names
    Xingyi Huang
    Haley Smith
    Peyton Fraser Smyth

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    Student Name
    Nonyelum Nvene Ogbodo

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