Frequently Asked Questions (by students)

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Updated: July 27, 2020

When will professor and room assignments for classes be finalized?

Course professor and modality will be displayed in Canelink by morning of Monday, July 27. 

If I decide to do online courses, would I be able to present my projects in person?

If you choose online modality, you may not present your course in-person on campus. Online students will be invited to join virtual reviews and discussions with in-person sections. 

How will online studio classes work?

Remote learning methods and platforms will vary with instructors but all will combine synchronous and asynchronous sessions to deliver course content remotely.

If I choose to do online classes, am I still able to join hybrid studios? Also can I only do studio in-person and everything else remotely?

If you choose online modality for Fall, you cannot change to in-person/hybrid. All enrolled coursework will be online for the duration of the Fall term.

Can I get an assigned dedicated desk if I have a studio that is strictly online?

No, as you will not be working on campus.

During the Fall: how do you plan to hold faculty responsible to adopt effective and advanced remote teaching strategies that will meet the standards of education that students are paying for?

The university has provided new resources and training to support faculty in enhancing their online, hybrid, and flipped teaching skills and methods. 

Will students enrolled online will be required to build models?

Course requirements will be adjusted to take students’ situation and their access to resources into consideration. Students enrolled online will not be required to build models that necessitate the use of the model shop and digital fabrication lab--students who opt for online modality will not have access to model shop, fabrication lab and computer lab.

Since the labs are going to be closed for students taking online classes, will online students be exempt from making models?

Course assignments and deliverables will be adjusted for online students while sharing the same learning outcomes with in-person studios. 

If we are required to isolate while on campus, how will we catch up on missed time? Or will we then be able to attend the studio remotely?

All in-person and hybrid courses are designed to accommodate, with a combination or synchronous and asynchronous remote learning sessions, students who need to self-isolate or may not be able to join in person for other reasons. 

If I choose remote learning, can I still come on campus occasionally for in-person research work? 

Students that have requested online modality can pick-up library materials through the curbside delivery service. Computer lab, classrooms, model shop and fabrication lab will not be available to students that select online modality. 

If I have opted for online classes, would I still have the same schedule?

The goal is the shift all currently enrolled coursework from in-person to online. However, there may be courses that cannot be delivered online, primarily courses that fall outside SoA. Your advisor will provide guidance if any of your courses cannot be shifted from in-person to online. The office of Academic Services will be reaching out to students that have requested online modality starting on July 28th. 

I've heard that some professors are only offering online only classes due to health reasons. When will we find out which courses/studios fall under this?

Course modality will be reflected in Canelink by Monday, July 27th. 

Could we elect to take certain courses online and others in-person (for example, choosing to only take studio in person)?

Yes, provided that the courses you are interested in taking online are offered in that modality. If they are listed as in-person/hybrid then they may not be followed strictly online.  

Today we received an email about the possibility of starting late. If we choose to start late do we have to do that by the deadline of Jul 27th? If we decide to start late will we be enrolled in in-person/hybrid courses?

We recommend you check with Housing on move-in related items and deadlines. If you choose to move-in late you will remain enrolled in in-person/hybrid courses and will have to coordinate with your advisor and faculty about receiving instruction remotely while you’re not on campus.

Will we be informed if one of our classmates tests positive?

There is a contact tracing process that determines who gets notified when a student tests positive. 

Contact tracing is done based on inputs from the confirmed positive case. The person recounts who they spent more than 15 minutes in less than 6 feet of space. This is why strictly abiding by the physical distancing and face-covering rules is of utmost importance. 

Can international students who have switched to full-time online classes enter the U.S. now?

Yes, you may enter now (a 14 day quarantine period before the start of the semester is recommended) and if you are a student in F-1 status you will be allowed to engage in full-time online study during the Fall 2020 semester regardless of whether they are currently in or outside the U.S. In either case, your SEVIS record will remain active as long as you are taking a full-time load of online classes during the Fall 2020 semester. As of July 16, 2020, students may qualify for National Interest Exceptions to the presidential proclamations restricting travel from the Schengen Area, United Kingdom, and Ireland. If you are a student who has been physically present during the 14-day period preceding your entry to the U.S. from People’s Republic of China, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Brazil, the National Interest Exceptions do not apply to you. Please contact your ISSS Advisor and/or refer to the latest ISSS information at

How do hybrid classes work? are they going to be mainly online, and presentations etc in person?

Hybrid courses will be in-person courses that have remote/virtual components. Professor will inform students about the details of the course.

How do hybrid classes work? Would I be able to choose what days I come in?

Professor will inform students about the details of the course. Students must attend class time (in-person or virtually) as instructed by the professor. 

Are hybrid classes labeled in canelink?

Course modality will be reflected in Canelink by Monday, July 27th. 

I applied for remote classes before this call, before I knew about the safety measures that SoA will be implementing. Can I retract my application? 

Yes, you may. Send an email to and make the request to cancel. This request may not be possible post deadline. Please check with Canes Central, 305.284.IBIS.

Will in person studios have a remote component for “desk-crits”? How will the studio run? 

Traditional desk-crits are by definition in violation of physical distancing guidelines and therefore will be reconfigured in a variety of ways, inviting instructors to implement their own innovative alternatives. These include virtual tutorials as well as individual pin-ups in large review spaces or in one of the newly set-up outdoor teaching environments.

Will I have a desk in the design studio?

Yes, students will have their own dedicated desks in the Murphy Design Studio and Marion Manley Buildings with the exception of designated online studios.

Will I have access to a locker in studio?

Students may use the lockers and pedestals in the Murphy studio. Students are responsible for purchasing their own lock and for emptying out lockers at the end of semester.

Will studio spaces be open to students 24/7?

Studios will be open from 8am to 11pm.

Are studios going to be synchronous?

In-person/hybrid studios will feature in-person critiques and pinups in appropriate spaces as well as virtual critiques. They will employ both synchronous and asynchronous means to communicate with students virtually. While synchronous participation is preferred, all care will be taken to ensure students following studio from different time zones have reasonable attendance options. Studio faculty may schedule zoom desk critiques with students at mutually convenient times. Studio reviews will remain synchronous whenever possible. The final decision on all studio modality lies with the studio faculty.

Will online studio sections be taught separately from in-person/hybrid ones?

Core studios featuring multiple sections will have designated online section(s) that will be conducted separately with occasional coordinated events involving the entire group virtually.

Will learning outcomes of online and in-person/hybrid courses be the same? Is a student in an online class at a disadvantage? Will student be behind when he/she returns in Spring?

The courses have been designed for online and in-person students to have the same learning outcomes and same richness of experience. Students doing online will not be at a disadvantage, they will not be behind when they join in-person in Spring.

What will SoA do to encourage/promote more contact between students outside class time?

In-person and virtual events will be available to students: the Tecnoglass Lecture Series will proceed with a live simulcast in Glasgow Hall and select other spaces on site;student organizations will be fully supported in mounting on-site and virtual events; a weekly social hour for students is being set up as a new initiative  that will continue beyond the current crisis.

What happens if a student tests positive? What are the steps?

Any faculty, staff, or student who tests positive will be required to self-isolate for up to 14 days, and all positive persons will be asked to identify their close contacts, or those individuals with whom they have spent more than 15 minutes of time within less than 6 feet of space in the 48-72 hours prior to the onset of symptoms. UM will be providing testing to close contacts as symptoms develop and/or based on personal risk. More information about this process will be shared soon.

Resident students who test positive for COVID-19 will be placed in an isolation room, either on or off campus. Residents will receive support by a home health agency and designated University case manager. The student’s room and surrounding areas will be sanitized.

Students who live off campus and who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to self-isolate at their place of residence before returning to campus.

Detailed instruction are posted and updated on the following site:

Do I have to bring my own protective gear or will it be provided by School?

All students, faculty, and staff will receive a safety return kit when they return to campus. The kit includes a face covering, hand sanitizer, gloves, and other essential items. A message will be sent prior to the first day of class regarding pickup process.

Are we required to wear a mask in class?

Face coverings are mandatory at all times while in public spaces on our campuses, whether indoors or outdoors. Failure to follow this requirement will result in disciplinary action for students, faculty, and staff. This is a matter of public health in which the entire community must act in concert to help one another. The CDC does not recommend use of face shields for normal, everyday activities or as a substitute for cloth face coverings.

Are the professors going to wear a mask?

Face covering requirements apply to all: students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

How will the classrooms be sanitized and how often?

The classrooms and studios will be sanitized every evening. The cleaning protocol for our spaces is being finalized and will be shared shortly.

Will the Student Lounge and Billy Goat be open?

The student lounge and Billy Goat will be closed until further notice.

Is the library going to be open? How are the books sanitized?

Access to the library will be by appointment only, and is reserved for Study Rooms that can be booked through the library's booking system. Most study spaces can accommodate 1-2 persons and will be monitored by a student safety ambassador at all times. These study spaces will be

thoroughly sanitized before and after each use. Appointments can also be booked via email. The stacks are closed for browsing, but students may request materials that will be delivered through a curbside pick-up service from 10AM to 2PM. Operating hours will be from 9:00AM  to 6PM Mondays through Fridays; closed Saturdays and Sundays. All physical library materials that have been returned will be quarantined for 3 days before re-shelving. Reference questions and research consultations will be conducted virtually.

Are the labs all going to be open and how can we safely use the labs? Can we access them remotely?

Labs will operate on a reduced schedule with new guidelines. These will be communicated prior to the start of the semester. The computer lab will continue to be accessible remotely.

Can we still gather in the courtyard?

The School community is encouraged to use the courtyard while following proper physical distancing and face covering requirements.

Will there be group projects?

Group projects may be pursued with the help of digital tele-conferencing and collaboration platforms to compensate for physical distancing.

Are we being measured for temperature daily?

Faculty, staff, and students returning to campus will be required to use an online symptom checker daily and respond appropriately to the guidance it provides. It takes no more than two minutes and provides an easy way to keep the U healthy. More information will be shared soon.

Are there any tuition discounts?

The tuition rates will remain the same regardless of course modality; however, certain fees will not be charged to students who are entirely virtual/remote for the fall semester.

If I do not feel comfortable with a course on campus, can I switch to online after the start of the semester?

Students may elect remote-only attendance using an online form through July 27; this election will apply through the fall semester and may not be changed.

How will my schedule change if I choose online? Will I be out of classes if I switch to online modality?

If you choose fully online modality you are guaranteed that your courses will either have an online section or can accommodate online instruction. Your advisor will reach out to you if any of your current courses do not qualify for online instruction.

For my online studio class. Is it mandatory to go to studio for the lecture time only, or will I have to be in attendance and be on camera for the entire studio time?

Attendance requirements should be no different from a regular in-person/hybrid studio and are established by instructors.

If I start my classes online, can I switch to an in person class midway during the semester?

Students may elect remote-only attendance using an online form through July 27; this election will apply through the fall semester and may not be changed.

If I opted for remote learning, I am allowed to go to site visits as part of the course?

Off campus visits are not allowed if you have chosen remote learning, this would be possible in a hybrid setting. Students who choose to learn remotely may not be on campus at any time. All work must be done via online/remotely.

Will I lose my scholarship if I choose remote learning or if I defer to Spring 2021?

Scholarships will not be affected if a student requests remote learning or deferred/inactive status for the Fall 2020 semester.

How will studios handle model making for students joining remotely?

The model-making resources will continue for all students who opt for in-person/hybrid modalities. Coursework, including model-making requirements will be adjusted for students who, for a variety of reasons, will not be able to join in person.

If I were to make my classes fully online after filling out the form, may I still be able to use the campus for the computer lab or fabrication lab if I need to use them for studio?

Computer and fabrication labs are reserved for students who opt for in-person/hybrid modalities. The Computer lab will continue to be accessible remotely to all students.

Do students need to be tested for COVID before coming on campus?

All residential students as well as students who live in fraternity houses or in on-campus religious houses will be required to complete a COVID-19 test prior to move-in day. Everyone will be required to complete the online module. Everyone will also be required to complete a daily symptom screening module. All residential students as well as students who live in fraternity houses or in on-campus religious houses will be required to complete a COVID-19 test prior to move-in day. Resident students have received information regarding testing requirements and instructions will be sent directly to affected students. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at Students who test negative and successfully complete the attestation will be cleared to return to campus, and will also be expected to continue to follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing, use of face coverings, hand washing, and limiting contact with others. Students who test positive will be asked to self-isolate at home in accordance with CDC guidelines and will need to contact Student Health Service to obtain clearance prior to returning to campus.

Students living off campus are encouraged to get a COVID-19 test in their community of residence prior to the start of the semester. Those with a positive test result should seek care in their community of residence and complete the Student Health Service COVID-19 Self Report Form:

Do students from other states need to quarantine before coming on campus?

Travel guidelines are posted and regularly updated on the following sites:

I just submitted the online request. What’s next?

After July 27th departments will begin to adjust students’ schedules. If any of the student’s scheduled courses are not available in online format, the advisor will reach out to the student to select an alternate.

How are the dining halls responding to Covid-19?

Resident and retail dining will return to regular hours with reduced seating, physically distancing and PPE requirements. Dining services is  also working on expanding food trucks near the Lakeside Village and the Murphy Studio. Please refer to these links with general information and specific changes to programming information:

I am an international student in the USA, may I opt for remote learning?

Students in F-1 status will be allowed to engage in full-time online study during the Fall 2020 semester regardless of whether they are currently in or outside the U.S. In either case, their SEVIS record will remain active as long as they are taking a full-time load of online classes during the Fall 2020 semester.

Please review the latest ISSS information here: