U-Serve 2018

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Preservation, Development, Resilience

The U-SoA CUCD and CCS will offer one day of community service to the City of Miami Beach on Friday April 13, 2018. Faculty, Staff, and Students will participate in an effort to update the City’s property database by conducting sidewalk surveys of the Flamingo Park Historic District. It is one of 17 historic districts in Miami Beach, and among the most vulnerable to Sea Level Rise.

The updated data will support the Preservation Office’s day to day operations in making assessments and recommendations to the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board. The data will also make headway in the transition from paper archives to digital archives.

The day of the event, transportation will be provided to and from Flamingo Park on South Beach. The surveying will take place in the morning, and there will be a lunchtime celebration at the Art Deco Museum on Ocean Drive from 1 to 3 pm.

What is a Sidewalk Survey?

The State Historic Preservation Officer issues a standard survey form for collecting data on historic buildings. We will be making field observations of buildings on a condensed digital version of that survey form.

The CCS has customized the Collector App, made by ESRI, to our specific needs. One by one, we will answer objective questions about physical characteristics of each building. We will also take photos of the buildings from the sidewalk. And if the opportunity arises, we will also conduce brief interviews of residents or property owners about their knowledge of the building’s history.

As we progress, the map of building footprints in the district will change color so we can see our progress throughout the day. Upon completion, the data will be reinserted to the city’s database for their continued use.

Survery Fields Download

Before the Event

In preparation for U-Serve Day, all participants will need to download the COLLECTOR for ARCGIS app to their mobile devices and create a UM account in order to connect to the U-Serve 2018 South Beach Collector Map.

  1. Download “COLLECTOR for ARCGIS”
  2. Create/Access your Account (by Wednesday April 11)

First and Second year students – Your accounts have already been created.  You should have received an email from ESRI with your username.  It will be up to you to create a password.

All other participants who wish to create an account should email Abe Parrish at Richter (aparrish@miami.edu) with a message saying: Please create an account for me to participate in U-Serve.  You will then receive an email from ESRI with your username.  It will be up to you to create a password.

  1. Test the App! (by Thursday April 12)

There will be a live layer on the app until the night before the event so please TEST the APP, your LOGIN, and the FUNCTIONALITY of the app before the evening of Thursday April 12.  Every one will have to Connect to the U-Serve South Beach Map to participate in the event.

The Center for Computational Sciences has provided tutorials for using the app here:

               iOS Instructions- YoutubePDF
               Android Instructions - Youtube, PDF

For those who may already have an account or for any difficulties signing in or accessing the South Beach Map, contact Abraham  Parrish, aparrish@miami.edu.

For issues using the app please contact Tim Norris, tnorris@miami.edu

  1. Charge your Batteries!

Be sure to charge your device overnight!  Be prepared to come to the event with a fully charged battery.  Also bring a charger in case of emergencies.

Event Schedule:
U-Serve 2018, Friday April 13

8:30 am Bus 1 & 2 Depart U-SoA
9:30 am Bus 1 & 2 Arrive Flamingo Park
Check in at PAL Building (999 11th Street)
Pick up your assignment, water, snacks and raffle ticket.
10:00 am Sidewalk Surveys Begin!
11:30 am Bus 1 Depart Flamingo Park
12:30 pm Bus 1 Arrive at U-SoA
12:30 pm Bus 1 Depart U-SoA
1:30 pm Bus 1 Arrive at Flamingo park
1:00 pm Celebratory Lunch at Art Deco Museum (1001 Ocean Drive)
Live Music by Frost Music School Students
Lunch and Desserts for all participants
Remarks from Dean el-Khoury and Miami Beach officials
Raffle with prizes including printing credits, and iPad & more!
3:30 pm Bus 1 & 2 Depart Flamingo Park
 4:30 pm Bus 1 & 2 Arrive at U-SoA


Data Collection:
U-Serve 2018, Friday April 13

  1. Teams should have pre-loaded the collector app and reviewed HP guide prior to event day
  2. Studio (or other) Teams to Rendezvous at Flamingo Park
  3. Faculty Members to lead their teams to designated Study Area and coordinate their teams
  4. Surveys will include:
    • Photos of subject building
    • Completed survey form
    • Interview of property owner / resident (where possible)