Architectural Thesis

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The Architectural Thesis provides the opportunity for each student to develop his or her own design interest, while providing a bridge between academic studies and professional practice.

The Thesis is a design project conceived and developed, independently by the individual student in a sequence of coursework that starts in the Fall with the Thesis Preparation course (3 cr.), followed in the Spring with the Thesis studio (6 cr.).

The Architectural Thesis includes a written section (research and analysis) and a complete architectural project. The material must be bound as a book and is deposited in the Architecture Library as well as put online on the University Library website.

The written section is completed by the end of the pre-design section of the Thesis Preparation course, and possibly amended and/or corrected during the following semester. The design project is started at the end of pre-design (site selection, site design and analysis, program and conceptual diagrams) and is developed during the Thesis studio the following semester.