Grand Tour of Europe

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This for credit program is an on-site study of European cities and towns. Students of every school and major and faculty travel together to explore their most significant historical buildings and public places. Class Instruction is given on site, providing an understanding of these cities, their architecture and history. The first part of the course trip (3 cr.) includes Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome; followed by the second part (3 cr.) includes Rome, Athens, and the spectacular Greek Islands of Mykonos, Rhodes, Toledo and Madrid. This program is in the tradition of the Grand Tour of the XIX century, when northern Europeans traveled to Italy and Greece, to learn the culture of Antiquity. This course-trip is intended for undergraduate and graduate students form the University of Miami and other accredited universities. No prerequisite course required. Academic activities are focused on lectures, seminars, and visits to buildings and places. Required work includes assigned reading, a course journal and a final examination.

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