Palladian Journey

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In winter time, the city of Venice and its region of influence, the Veneto, are most beautiful and evocative as the mist from the Adriatic Sea moves across the “ lagoon” and the marshes of this extraordinary geography. The architecture of Andrea Palladio, in the city and the territory, is impacted by this muted northern winter light and by the luminous clarity of the Italian Renaissance.

The artistic and cultural heritage of Venice and its territory is evident along its canals and squares, in museums and churches, in the villa and the palazzo, and reveals itself as a dazzling culture which spans a thousand years and remains vibrant today. In Palladio’s architecture this extraordinary legacy is manifest in the theory behind the works and the buildings themselves. The houses, palaces and churches Palladio built in the XVI Century are works of lasting value and offer exceptional lessons in art, architecture and urbanism.

The visit includes the study of those architects and artists who were part of the cultural sphere of the Renaissance in the north of Italy and had an impact on Palladio’s conception of art and architecture, such as the frescoes by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padova, Palladio’s birth place, or the works of Alberti, Mantegna, and Giuglio Romano in Mantova.

For further information, e-mail Professor Teofilo Victoria at or call at 786-303-6763.  You may also reach Professor Adib Cure by email at or call 786-942-1216.