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U-SoA Rome Center

The U-SOA Rome Center is located in the historic center of Rome within walking distance of St. Peter’s Basilica. The studio is equipped with a reference library, exhibition and lecture space, workstations, wireless internet access, and scanning & printing equipment.

The Rome Center is a bring your own device facility requiring students to use their own laptops. Information on the Center’s technology resources will be provided in a separate document. The Rome Center address is Via del Falco 1/A, Rome, Italy 00193

Student Housing

Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements in Rome. A suggested list of rental agencies is included below. Rome Director will assign a student coordinator for the housing communications between the student groups and the Director.


Students will contract directly with housing agencies of their choice for lodging in Rome. Students must receive approval of their housingchoices from the Rome Director prior to committing to the any location/agency. Students will live in groups of minimum two individuals, with nostudent living alone in Rome for safety reasons. In order to provide students with local housing resources a list of agencies can be found at the end of this packet. Students are not limited to the agencies on this list, this is simply a resource shared with the students. Some landlords will require foreign tenants to apply for an Italian fiscal code. Our Rome Program administrative assistant will guide the students with this matter, if it becomes necessary. Be sure to settle your apartment’s security deposit as per your lease agreement BEFORE arriving in Rome.

Download Housing References