Classical & Traditional Design

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Classical and traditional architecture are evolving in relation to new paradigms of research and practice, such as digital media and fabrication, sustainability, ecology, and emerging economies. A progressive classicism that seeks to address the pressing issues of our cities, towns and landscapes, is the basis for research spanning popular, professional, and academic discourse.

Since the mid 1980s when Aldo Rossi produced his proposal for a “New Acropolis” for the University of Miami School of Architecture, many faculty, students and alumni have explored the possibilities of a modernism that reaches toward aspects of the classical, or a classical that is open to the paradigms, syntax, and techniques of the modern.

The School currently offers a Classical & Traditional Design track as part of the Master of Science in Architecture program, as well as a Certificate of Classical and Traditional Design for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the School offers a Rome Program for select undergraduate and graduate students.

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