Laser Cutting at U-SoA

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The students have access to four laser engraving and cutting systems. There are two higher watt 36” x 24” ILS Universal Laser Systems and two 32” x 18” VLS and X660 Universal Laser Systems.

For More Information Download

UM_SoA_LaserCut Guide 


Laser Cutting and Engraving on a variety of approved materials (see list below).

Reserving Time

Please reserve a time slot with our system below. Please show up 15 minutes prior to your cut time to set up material and laser cutter with lab assistant. Students will forfeit their time if they are not cutting within 5 minutes of their scheduled appointment time.

Laser Cutting Your Files

Laser cutting is done by the students with the help of the Fab Lab Assistant. 
Students must submit their files following the instructions below.
Once uploaded, please visit the Fabrication Lab to reserve a time slot.

Laser Cut Templates

The templates provide a pre-defined bounding box that matches the laser cutter bed dimensions 
(18” x 32” and 24" x 36" ). You can copy the bounding box as many times as you want in the same file; this way you won’t need to have multiple files. The template provides layer colors pre-set for cut, score, fold and skip (the score color will occur before cut).

Download 18 x 32" Template File

Download 24 x 36" Template File

Blue Exterior Cut
Yellow Interior Cut
Green Deep Engrave
Red Light Engrave

Acceptable Materials

Bristol Board - Chipboard: Max 1/8”
Museum Board: Max 1/8”
Illustrator Board: Max 1/8”
Corrugated Cardboard: Max 1/8”
Basswood: Max ¼”
Acrylic: Max ¼”

Students must purchase acrylic and plywood directly from the Fabrication Lab. All other materials are available for purchase in the Fabrication Lab, but students may bring their own alternately sourced materials. 

Prohibited Materials

Lexan – PVC – Styrene – Polyesters – PET films – Polypropylene – Vinyl – Glass – Metal – And materials not listed in the approved list of acceptable materials.

If a material is not listed above, please speak to the Fabrication Lab Manager to add it to the list. 

Before Submitting Files for Laser Cutting

  1. Make sure you are using the Autocad DWG template
  2. Check layers and TURN OFF the cut, score and fold layers. All objects should DISAPPEAR in the template. If not, there is a mistake in the layers and you will want to fix it.
  3. Once the layers are correct, the file can be PURGED (purge) of all excess layers. The ONLY layers should be the ones that come with the template. Erase EVERYTHING outside of the templates. All layers should be BY LAYER.
  4. Explode and OVERKILL the drawing. This will clean up the drawing and save time.

Tips: Save time and headaches by running the OVERKILL command on your DWG file before laser cutting. This will remove duplicate lines and combine line and arc segments that overlap. If your file has lines on top of lines, it can result in a much slower cutting time, or excessive charring of the edges. From the AutoCAD command line, type overkill, or from the menus, click Express, Modify, Delete Duplicate. Don’t save over your original file in case something goes wrong.

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