Robotics at U-SoA

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The robotic arm will promote and develop opportunities for students interested in fabrication, robotics, automation, coding and manufacturing. 

The robotic arm offers a tremendous amount of versatility in fabrication processes such as cutting, moving, milling, machining, and printing. The specific robotic arm at the U-SoA can lift up to 500 lbs of material within an 8' working diameter and is capable of manufacturing parts made out of a variety of mediums. The current configuration allows students to use a spindle to mill architectural projects out of plastics, wood and foam with a variety of cutters. Additionally students have access to a 48 inch hot wire cutter that allows them to carve large blocks of foam. The machine allows the production and fabrication of complex geometrical parts and with the assistance of a rotary table, can complete full seven axis machining.

The robotic arm will primarily be taught in courses developed specifically around the use robotic fabrication techniques. The U-SoA sees this equipment as an opportunity to continually develop a larger library of end effectors that will allow new fabrication processes and techniques to be researched and implemented into both the classroom and the architecture and construction industries.

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UM_SoA_Robotic Arm Guide


7 Axis Machining and hot wire cutting

Reserving Time

Due to the complexity of the robotic arm, projects must be approved by the fabrication lab manager. Please set up an initial appointment with the link below. Priority use of the robotic arm will be given to courses which are dedicated solely to the use of the robotic arm.